Saturday, 23 June 2007

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

First post. w00t!

Greetings. Finally getting around to setting up a personal web log to share some of my adventures.

Why now, you might ask? Well, I've just moved to Scotland to take a new job, and finally have halfway interesting photographs and stories to share. I'll probably fill in a few historical blog entries regarding some of the more interesting things I've done up to this point.

Anyway, since moving over in early March, I've traveled a bit around Scotland, England, South Africa, and Amsterdam. Using the camera built into a cell phone, I've been collecting photographs from my travels. These are posted in Flickr, so if you're not bored enough already, here they are:

If you're paying close attention to the URL, you may wonder why "elaineandtony" consists mostly pictures of me and not Elaine. Elaine is my wife, and I'm sure will eventually be beatified and made a saint for quitting her job and moving over to join me. Once she gets here, you'll be able to see pictures of her throttling me for ruining her life, which should be entertaining (for you, the reader, at least). She'll also be bringing our nicer camera with us, so you should really be able to see the veins bulging in my eyes as she chokes me to death.

So much to look forward to!