Saturday, 20 September 2008

Review: "More Than Human" by Theodore Sturgeon

I sat down to write this review after reading "More than Human" by Theodore Sturgeon and "Cryptozoic" by Brian Aldiss within a day of each other. I had thought at first that "Cryptozoic" was the older work, and had hoped that might explain the somewhat dated feel of "Cryptozoic" and the apparent modernity of "More Than Human". In fact, "More Than Human" was printed in 1953, and "Cryptozoic" in 1967. I suppose what makes "More Than Human" the more timeless work is in part the fact that it tends to show rather than tell. In reading "More Than Human", we experience the evolution of a new communal being as a series of experiences, with words that seem to come naturally from those experiencing it. Rather than telling us about the technology involved through one or more characters, Sturgeon shows us an extended example of evolving human potential and the impact of that evolution on ethics (personal rules for conduct) and morals (societal rules for conduct).

This is, in short, a classic.

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