Sunday, 13 July 2008

Review: "Film Club" by David Gilmour

When I was young, my father (whose first two degrees were in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures) would on occasion share films with me, some of which might have been just at the edge of my understanding as a teenager, but which opened my eyes to the world of film that I enjoy exploring to this day.

The book "Film Club" is about a father and son learning to relate to one another and make sense of their lives in the context of watching and discussing films together. Their conversations wander from relationship troubles to finding and using one's talent, to the dangers of alcohol and drugs: in short, they talk about life, and build a kind of intimacy that helps carry them both through a directionless period.

Their conversations are tinged with snippets of wisdom gleaned from films like "Giant", "Notorious" and "True Romance" to name only a few. The author has kindly provided a full list of films discussed at the end, most of which I've seen, a few of which I can't wait to see, one or two that I'll wait to see until my Dad comes to visit us in the UK.

Anyway, I know I'm biased, but I loved this book. It reminds me of film nights past, buying or cooking dinner and then watching a film together over a few beers. I can't wait to send my Dad a copy, if there's anything I like as much as talking about a good film, it's talking about a good book.

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