Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The 9th Sakai Conference, Paris, France

I've just returned from the 9th Sakai conference in Paris France. As always, the conferences are a kind of a family reunion for long-time Sakai community members. It was great to catch up with the professional (and personal) life of so many institutions and individuals. There were so many great conversations, learning the nuances of existing colleagues, meeting new colleagues, all while surrounded by good food and wonderful scenery.

In spite of all the wonderful distractions Paris has to offer, it was also an incredibly productive time. An idea would be passed around in the morning and available to work with by the evening. I brought back with me a moleskin full of ideas regarding my own Config Viewer and Config Editor tools that should keep my nights and weekends busy for the next few months if not the next year.

The next full conference is planned for next Summer (possibly in Boston). I can't wait.

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