Sunday, 4 May 2008

Review: "Raw Spirit" by Iain Banks...

I don't usually read non-fiction for pleasure, but "Raw Spirit" is not only one of my favorite non-fiction books, but one of the best books I've read in a long time, period.

The book is as much an autobiography as anything else, as in the process of exploring all things whiskey, Banks shares little gems about so many other topics. The book is littered with observations about Scotland, driving, Science Fiction, and the start of the war we still find ourselves dealing with over five years later. Think of it as a whiskey-themed stream of consciousness with notes of politics and storytelling. Scotland itself is the most important component, just as the water that feeds a distillery determines the character of the whiskey produced.

I look forward to reading more from Banks very soon. I borrowed "Raw Spirit" from the Stornoway library, so I also look forward to picking up my own copy of this book, as I expect it will be a well-thumbed reference as we explore Scotland in the next few years.

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Vic said...

Iain Banks is my new favorite author. I started with Steep Approach to Garbadale and have since read most of his other novels. I don't care for non-fiction (except political) and probably wouldn't have read Raw Spirit if anyone but Banks had written it but I enjoyed it tremendously. He may even be able to lure me into sf which I've never read.