Thursday, 17 January 2008

Review: "The Star Fraction" by Ken Macleod

I recently finished "The Star Fraction" by Ken Macleod, whose work I have enjoyed frequently since moving to his place of birth in Stornoway. I had previously read the portions of Ken Macleod's "Fall Revolution" series that are available at the Stornoway public library (the second and fourth books in the series). Thankfully, each book is a standalone work with a few recurring themes and characters, and lends itself to this treatment.

Macleod's novels commonly develop two or more narratives in parallel, such that there's a small bit of adjustment (like a mild form of culture shock) when moving from chapter to chapter. The reader has to hold a number of isolated threads in memory (I know, i sound like a computer geek) until the threads start to combine, then split apart, then recombine. His works are, in short, satisfyingly complex.

Anyway, I've now read three of the series. Of the three, I would have to say that I enjoyed "The Stone Canal" and "The Sky Road" a bit more, but "The Star Fraction" is still a good read and well recommended.

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