Thursday, 13 December 2007

Travel: Los Angeles

Following a conference in Newport Beach, Elaine and I are taking the opportunity to visit her mother in Los Angeles prior to heading back east for the holidays. Thus far, we've visited a number of old haunts, including the refurbished Griffith Observatory, Chinatown, and a number of other spots. We still haven't visited Santa Monica or the L.A. County Museum of Art yet, those are to follow soon.

Prior to moving to Virginia, I lived here for six and a half years (during college and immediately afterward). Elaine lived in L.A. off and on for most of her life prior to moving east. As she pointed out, it feels on some level like home for her. Although it's more like "a home" rather than "home" outright for me, I see her point.

Weather, cultural events, bookstores and beaches notwithstanding, the sprawl, the traffic, the unwalkability of it all makes me look forward to being back in Stornoway at the end of the month.

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