Thursday, 16 August 2007

Our ship has finally come in...

Elaine and I shipped our belongings from the states in a cargo container (our pallette would only have been in a small corner of a single container). After being unloaded and clearing customs, our belongings made their way up from London to Glasgow, and then over on the ferry. Our house now has a few modest piles of boxes for us to unpack, it should really be the tipping point in making a home here.

We unpacked the kitchen last night, I finally got to put together the two knives I bought in Amsterdam with the rest of our set. I've missed our bread knife so much, it's just incredibly useful for thinly slicing onions and tomatoes.

Our guitar hero rig is also here, which should be a blast to get back into.

Anyway, it'll take a while to integrate everything and get enough furniture to make our place livable, but it's getting there.

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