Sunday, 29 July 2007

Continuing to explore the island...

Elaine and I took a ride north through Tong and Back to hit one of the beaches, you can see our route here:

It was windy the whole way, and then started raining pretty heavily when we were well on our way. We took shelter in a bus stop enclosure and waited out the rain while eating our picnic lunch. We were debating heading home to a hot bath and a Whiskey Mac when the rain stopped. Once we were able to look around, we saw that we were within sight of our goal.

We rode on and explored the beach a bit. We had intended to stop and maybe read a book and relax, but the cold and wind and wet sand really didn't lend themselves to that, so we walked around for a bit, then headed back.

In between showers, there were some lovely sweeping vistas. Pictures to come in a bit.

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